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I brought my new baby girl home on March 6, 2010. “Holly” (aka Carla) is the most loveable, happy, healthy?and?playful little face licker you could ever hope for. She will snuggle on my lap for hours at a time?but is always ready and willing to join in at play time.

I’ve never seen such a content and happy puppy in my life. She is so smart too, it didn’t take her very long at all to know where her food is kept, where she sleeps at night, her “new” name, and?that a few whimpers will bring her mommy (me)?to her. Even though I’m spoiling her, I think Pam started it first! She’s a delight to have in our home as part of our family and everyone that meet’s her?fall’s in love with her (well,?except for?the cat), LOL.

I met a few of Pam’s Yorkies when I picked up my little girl and I could tell they were all very friendly and welcomed me with toy’s and kisses! Pam answered all of?the questions and concerns that I had before and after Holly came home with me. I can’t thank you enough Pam for allowing me to raise one of your precious little babies to call my own.

???????????????????????????????? Linda Miller
?Harrisburg, Pa.

Oh my goodness what an addition to my family. She is so adorable and loving. I would highly recommend Diamonds in the Ruff for a little bundle of joy. Working with Pam was incredible, she was so informative on?my baby?and she made the whole process very simple.


On July 18th, we will be celebrating the birthday of our newest family member, Riley.? Since his arrival into our family, the level of love and joy has increased in our home.? Riley is everything we desired!? Pam, Riley’s “Nurse maid”, promised us a loving and healthy addition to our family, and she was absolutely correct.? Everything Pam informed us about the breed was correct.? Yorkies are loving, cute (beyond words) and affectionate children.? Each with their own personality.? Riley is loving, playful, intelligent, friendly and did I mention “Cute as a Bug”.? Riley is 2-3/4 lbs. of pure LOVE!?!? Thank you Pam for being patient, professional and helpful in our decision to bring Riley into our home.? Riley is a HIT wherever we take him.
????????????????????????????????? Thank You and Best Wishes,
Gary, Sue and Amanda Wallace : )

On October 3,2009 we welcomed into our family the most loving little ball of fur that anyone could not help but fall in love with. Our little Brandy gives as much love and affection as she receives. Pam was very informative and kept us up to date as to her health and welfare while she was in her safe keeping. Pam sent us beautiful pictures at different stages as she progressed.Our little bundle is everything that Pam said she would be. We would highly recommend Pam to anyone who is looking for a healthy well adjusted yorkie puppy.

Thanks again Pam for our little bundle of Joy.

Priscilla and Bob Williams

Bingingham, NY


I just wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing puppy! She has the best personality I’ve ever seen and gets along so great with our kids & our little chihuahua.I really appreciate all the support you gave us and for always being available when we had a question or needed some advice! I feel so grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder who cares so much about her pups. I would recommend you to anyone looking to buy a healthy Yorkie. Pixie brings so much joy to our home and I wouldn’t trade her in for the world! She’s a happy and healthy little girl and we can’t thank you enough!
We will be keeping you posted on how she’s doing as she grows.

Thanks again,
Marleen & Dan