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Yorkie Breeders, Richard and Pam Krayeski of northeastern Pennsylvania have been breeding Yorkies for Sale for over 20 years. We specialize in breeding Parti Yorkies and Traditional Yorkies from tiny teacups to 7 or 8 lb Yorkies. We take a lot of pride in breeding and selling good quality Yorkshire Terriers that are very loving and happy dogs. Finding our puppies good homes is very important to us.Cute Yorkies for sale.

Being a small breeder, we raise healthy Yorkie puppies that are spoiled and willing to please. These cute puppies will win your heart and you cannot say “no” to. Pam’s passion for Yorkies started with one, then led to ten. Every Yorkie is like a little diamond to us, unique yet “glamorless” with a sparkle in their eye.

Take a look at our Yorkie puppies we have for sale and please contact us about any questions you might have on caring for Yorkies, healthcare for dogs and any problems that your dog might have.